1. Are dental hygienists able to work independently without a dentist?

In 2007, when Bill 171 was passed, dental hygienists were given the freedom to work independent of a dentist. This means that self-initiated dental hygienists are able to open their own practice or bring their services to a client’s place of residence.

 2. How do your fees compare to that of a general dentist’s office?

Independent dental hygienists follow the fee guide set out by the ODHA (Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association). These fees are  20% – 50% less than the fees set out by the ODA (Ontario Dental Association) fee guide. The fee guide can be viewed a www.odha.on.ca.

 3. Will my insurance company reimburse me for your dental hygiene fees?

Yes. Most insurance companies will reimburse dental hygiene fees depending on your plan. If you are covered, a claim form will be  completed at the end of the appointment, which can then be sent to your insurance company for any reimbursements.

 4. Will you be able to refer me to a dentist?

Yes, of course! York Mobile collaborates with dentists as well as other health care professionals in order to ensure effective and complete care. We would be happy to refer you to a dentist or other health care specialist.