This includes:

Extraoral – an assessment of the exterior area of the head, neck, jaw joints and lymph nodes

Intraoral – an assessment of all teeth and surrounding tissue. This requires taking:
Periodontal measurements – an assessment of the health of the gums.
Oral cancer check – an assessment of the lips, cheeks, gums and tongue for abnormalities. Once the assessments are completed, an individualized treatment plan is determined and discussed together with the client.  From then, dental treatment may then commence.

Scaling – the detailed removal of calculus (tartar) and bacterial plaque.

Polishing (optional) – The removal of superficial stains either with polishing paste or air polishing.

Desensitizing – The application of a concentrated fluoride varnish to alleviate the discomfort of tooth sensitivity.

Denture Cleaning

Preventative Counseling and Oral Hygiene Instruction